Nr. 2 – Fairplay

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Play fair! Some common courtesies and guidelines:

2.1 Dont steal from players on PVE (Starter) planets. (taking public structures is not stealing, see Griefing)

2.2 Don’t grief! Griefing is considered anything wich creates a harassment experience for any player. Trapping in buildings, kill stealing, chat harassment, stealing trade drops, offensive building, etc

2.3 Do not abuse PVE & PVP rotation e.g. Do not surround a base during PVE for combat on PVP days – unfair advantage as the victum cannot counter this during PVE periods.

2.4 Do not warp camp. The warp entrance area is about 3km big (randomness +/- 1,5km. This is a TRANSIT-ONLY-ZONE — you MUST be moving or refueling/remapping.

2.5 If you just warped you have 3 minutes to leave that area – Violators will have their ships seized and left in orbit.

2.6 Multiple accounts / Infiltration!

2.7 If you choose to have more then one account to play with family etc, you cannot use this to give you a clear unfair advamtage. E.G. You join faction X and then use an alternate account to use information gained for profit or to attack/steal from the victim faction.