Nr. 1 – Bugs & Exploits

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1.1 Under no cicumstances will the use of any bugs or exploits be tolerated for any reason.
1.1.1 If any of you are caught using an exploit, there is no justification and you will be dealt with accordingly.

1.2 A Bug or Exploit is defined as any mechanix, whether executed in or out of game, which creates a condition that was not an intended functionality of the game OR EGW Server features. See Example

1.3 You are expected to report any bug/abuse/exploit that you come across to the admin via email (
1.3.1 Evidence is required: Logs, Screenshots and preferably a Video.
1.3.2 Important: If it is a bug/exploit that refers to things such as duplication/cheating etc plese contact admin via email. DO NOT POST PUBLICALLY

1.4 EGW Staff have the final word on the validity and re[ercussions of any claims following investigation.

Ammo draining can be done in serveral ways. It can be a valuable tactic is used correctly. (you are attacking and are dodging the rounds). Most of the time it is done illegally. It has to be fair.

This is an example of the most common type of ammo drain:

– Youve decided you want to attack/grief/spy/visit an enemy structure
– You are killed by automatic turret fire
– You are presented with option to respawn and choose Current Location
– You are killed by the automatic turret fire again
– You repeat steps 3 and 4 until there is no ammo left
– This situation is always considered ammo draining and NEVER griefing towards teh trapped victim as the player has 3 alternatives (not setting a spawn point is no excuse) and turrets are automatic fire. The player has the power of choice

Anything over 10 deaths in a short time frame is considered excessive and is ammo draining and punishable by sentence to Prison, loss of property and/or Ban.