EGW Wipe & Reset Information

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Since the game is in the Alpha state and there is no mechanism to handle massive amounts of people on the server, we have to full wipe from time to time. 
So far our tradition has been to do a full wipe as soon as a major Empytion patch is comeing out. 

The explanation is easy: 

The resources are finite – the people joining the server infinite 

On occasion, when needed, surface or other wipes may occur. Every attempt to notify the community will happen; however if you are unable to relocate, you may incur irreplaceable losses. 

Keep also following server settings in mind: 

DecayTime: 8 hours (Time after which player-built structures without a core or less than 10 blocks get removed when not visited) 
WipeTime: DISABLED (Time after which any player-built structures get removed when not visited)