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If no admin was present during a situation, you MUST provide proof: Photos are good, videos ar best.
Without such evidence, any assistance you recieve will be significantly degraded.

Each situation will be dealth with on a case by case basis as there are so many potential situations. We will always look a report in an unbiased way and do what we feel is appropriate. Our decision is final. The EGW Staff genuinely care about this community and will serve that purpose by making judgements on any given situation we feel is important to the wellbeing of the community.

We do not, however, engage in drama or personal disputes that do not violate the rules.
* If you frivolously make claims and accusations which prove false, you will be punished.

Bottom Line: as soon as you enter EGW Server you enter a big, friendly, helpfull and respectfull community. Any way you cause damage to these principles can be punished.