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— Chat Bot Commands — 

– CB:INFO = Information about the Player: Startdate, Playtime, Last Reset, ….) 
– CB:Time = Current server time. 
– CB:Reset = Resets your character (Only once every 12 hours) But the first 10 hours after a wipe each player has one reset extra (since many start twice on a wrong planet) 
– CB:Survival = Give one time a survival kit. 
– CB:GetShipDown:[ID] = Gets the ship with that ID down to the ground.
– CB:GetShipHere:[ID] = Gets the Ship closer to you in case its stuck.
– CB:GoToShip:[ID] = Moves you to your ship (only on the same playfield or orbit). Only activated for CSW Orbit.
– CB:Destroy:[ID] = Destroys the structures! Faction admins/founder can also destroy faction structures. Abuse leads to ban!! 
– CB:W:[PLAYER-NAME or ID]:[MESSAGE] = Sends a whisper message to that player.
– CB:FM:[MESSAGE] = Sends a message to all your faction members even if they are offline.
– CB:NextWipe:[DAYS] = Shows next wipes. (Days is optional. Show only the next x days)
– CB:Wipe = Show the next wipe of your structure/vessel.
– CB:NextRestart:[DAYS] = Shows next restarts. (Days is optional. Show only the next x days)
– CB:StartJobs = Starts all offline Jobs.
– CB:SetHome:[ID] = Set a structure as his home for CB:GoHome.
– CB:GoHome = Warps you to your home structure.
– CB:Admin = Shows the server admins 

— Admin Functions — 

– ADM:Server_Stop = Stops the server in 5 minutes 
– ADM:Server_Restart = Restarts the server in 5 minutes 
– ADM:Tool_Save = Saves the tool data 
– ADM:Tool_Restart = Restarts the tool

— Admin Level 1 Functions —

– ADM:WarpTo:[PLAYFIELD]:[EW:HEIGHT:NS] = Warps you (and your ship if in cockpit/passenger seat) to a certain playfield and coordinate (coordinate optional)
– ADM:WarpShipTo:[ID]:[PLAYFIELD]:[EW:HEIGHT:NS] = Warps a ship (without pilot/passenger) to a certain playfield and coordiante (coordinate optional)

— Admin Level 2 Functions —

– ADM:PlayerIDs = List all online players with there internal ID.
– ADM:Kick:[PLAYERID] = Kicks a player.
– ADM:Ban:[PLAYERID]:Hours = Bans a player for x hours.